High-Quality Aluminum Profile Manufacturer

Foshan Xinjiacheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a production and service company that combines the development, manufacture, processing, sales, and integration of aluminum profile. Our company’s primary areas of business are the production of the door, window, and curtain wall profiles , as well as aluminum profiles for machinery and equipment, medical purification, integrated touch screens for education, lighting, furniture, bathrooms, display racks, and a variety of high-precision extrusion Aluminum profile production. As a reputable Aluminum profile manufacturer and Aluminum profile supplier, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. 

Why Choose Us As an Aluminum Profile Supplier?

We have an outstanding quality management system to prevent defective items from entering the following process. As a recognized best Aluminum profile manufacturer and Aluminum profile supplier, our staff make sure to conduct self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection for every product. Our aluminum profiles are lightweight and have an incredible corrosion resistance property. You will not find such good casting properties from any other aluminium profile production sellers in China. 

It has stable chemical properties and performs well for surface treatment. If you use our aluminum profile, you will see that it has anti-nuclear radiation. So, our clients do not have to worry about that. 

Qualities of Our Aluminium Profile Production

  • Good Electric Conductivity and Thermal Properties

As a well-known Aluminum profile manufacturer and Aluminum profile supplier in China, our aluminum profile performs outstandingly in short-distance power transmission. 

  • Excellent Elongation and Ductility

Our aluminium profile production makes aluminum profiles that can alloy with different kinds of elements to manufacture light alloy material quality. 

  • No Metallic pollution of Aluminum Profile

There is no volatile metal in aluminum’s surface oxide layer. There is no poison and no sign of metallic pollution by our aluminum profile. 

Aluminum Profile FAQs

Can the aluminum profile be recycled or reused?

Yes, you can recycle and reuse our aluminum profile. It has great recyclable materials of metal. 

Does the aluminum profile perform well for automotive technology?

Yes, it is the best performer if you want to use it for automotive technology as there is no spark in friction and collision. 

We also manufacture and supply Aluminum profile extrusion in China. 

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