Foshan Xinjiacheng Aluminum

Company is located in Luocun Town, Nanhai District. It is a production and service enterprise integrating aluminum profile development, production, processing, sales, and integration. 

Foshan Xinjiacheng Aluminum Co., Ltd

Aluminum profile manufacturer
Aluminum profile supplier
Aluminium profile extrusion

Company Advantages

Foshan Xinjiacheng Aluminum

  1. Design, manufacture, production full service
    Engaged in the production of door and window profiles, curtain wall profiles, and various industrial aluminum profiles. At the same time, according to customer needs, we provide a series of comprehensive services such as product design, development, production and processing.
  2. Perfect quality management system
    Make each product carry out self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection to ensure that substandard products do not flow into the next process.
  3. Preferential prices to ensure delivery speed
    Arrange production in an orderly manner according to the orders placed by customers, save intermediate links, save costs, provide high-quality services, prices and ensure that customers’ orders are delivered on the date required

4. High-quality, high-quality years of sales group industry experience

5. Diversity of packaging Stable packaging, not folded packaging, economical and practical packaging.

6.More than 20 years of industry sales experience, providing customers with a full range of accurate services
In 2005, the company was committed to aluminum profile products for display racks, and served well-known customers such as Adidas, Jordan, Carbine, Hongxing Erke, and Dye Pai; in 2009, it was committed to the sales of teaching materials and lighting profiles, of which teaching board products were sold to Japan, South Korea, and India. , Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, which are well received by customers; in terms of lighting profiles, our company has undertaken a number of large-scale lighting exhibition projects from the government. During the epidemic, our company launched the sales of plant lamps and other lighting profiles. At the same time, it also enables customers to maintain annual sales of hundreds of millions for three consecutive years.

Aluminum profile manufacturer